Services We Provide

We've been serving Homeowners in the Des Moines area since 1984, delivering White Rock, Black Dirt, Sand and Gravel. (Please explore the Material Page for a complete listing of all products delivered)

For your convenience, we have included a Calculator Page to help you determine how much material you need. You can also enter your project measurements on the Contact Us Page and we will figure it for you. It does not hurt to enter both Tons Needed and measurements so we can double check for you.

Our delivery area is limited to Des Moines and the surrounding area. Please see the Delivery Area Page. Sorry, but due to time and cost factors we do not deliver to areas outside the circle indicated.

We have included a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Page that may answer some of your questions, but do not hesitate to call 265-1308. We thoroughly enjoy talking with customers over the phone to answer additional questions.

Homeowners, and contractors who serve homeowners prefer our Lightweight Single Axle Truck due to the size, maneuverability, and weight factor on their property. Our truck weighs less full than many bigger trucks do empty. (See FAQ page for a better explanation)

Thank you for exploring our Website.

Crandall Trucking